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SONG TITLE (hover mouse for description)
Live It UpThis song is an "anti-aging" anthem intended to combat the propensity to let Father Time just take over and guide us to shuffleboards and rocking chairs (though that actually sounds appealing). Thanks to my friend, Tim Wight, for his appearance on trumpet! Thanks to my kids and my knee surgeon for the inspiration. Lyrics Zip MP3
She's Gonna Make Me HappyI've seen my share of weddings, and have often witnessed many a caring groom be quite tolerant and patient with his new high strung bride. But these guys look happy for sure! Lyrics Zip MP3
Just Another Hour A DayJazz-rock tune with a heavy hook line, culminating with a cool guitar solo (thank you Pat Murray). Lyrics Zip MP3
Rome (Wasn't Built In A Day)A ‘near ballad’ intended to be performed by an all male vocal group with heavy harmonies ⁄ crossing vocal lines with a big ending. Lyrics Zip MP3
Who's Gonna Be Your ManCutting acoustic guitar hook lick, surrounded by horns and high energy. Thanks to Bruce Swartz for his trumpet work. Lyrics Zip MP3
PrideThe simplest song I’ve ever penned. Also, this is the song that has garnered some of the most positive feedback. Straight ahead acoustic guitar type tune with a twist lyrically. Lyrics Zip MP3
World Of LoveSimple, straight-forward chords, groove, and a simple message to ourselves to not take our friends and families for granted. Lyrics Zip MP3
Play The GameInspired after a successful visit to a casino. Can’t win if you don’t play. Lyrics Zip MP3
Come Fly With MeIf an airline executive would just latch on to this hook-line, I’d be a happy guy. Lyrics Zip MP3
Good As GoldHeavy acoustic guitar intro intended for a cross-over or country artist. Lyrics Zip MP3
Goodbye YesterdayAfter the events of 9⁄11, many lives were altered or changed forever. Families were broken, the economy tubed, jobs were lost and many people took pause and questioned what was important in life. A bit on the serious side. Could also be performed as a guitar ⁄ vocal only. Lyrics Zip MP3
Merry Christmas RichmondKOS (formerly The Kings of Swing) has been a musical mainstay in Richmond, Virginia since its inception in 1974. Though the band has traveled much of the east coast, the current ‘footprint’ is typically Central Virginia. This was written as a thank you and tribute to as many of the towns, cities, communities, and schools that we could cram into one song. We have been happy to receive a nice bit of local airplay with the song during the holiday season. I am eager to adapt it to other venues if the opportunity were to arise. Lyrics Zip MP3
Be ThereEasiest and fastest composition I’ve ever penned. Inspired by a sermon delivered at a memorial service for a close friend’s child. It took 45 minutes to write, and two nights and a box of tissues to record. Lyrics Zip MP3
Anyone Can DreamThis is a ballad with motivational, inspirational tones. I originally wrote this as an attempt to position an Olympics anthem of sorts. Thanks to Doug Adams and KOS for the performance. Lyrics Zip MP3
Our Love Will ShineA wedding song designed to be sung at the wedding itself. Easily done as a solo piano ⁄ vocal number. Lyrics Zip MP3
Save This WorldEvery writer has an environmental awareness song, and this is mine. Lyrics Zip MP3
We've Got Each OtherA ‘beach music’ type effort performed by KOS. Medium swing ⁄ shuffle with light lyrics. Big kudos to Brenner Pugh for the nice flugelhorn solo at the end of the song. One take...one take. And he wanted to do it over. No way, man. Lyrics Zip MP3
Young HeartsThough this song is performed by a large ensemble (KOS), it could easily be re-adapted for a much smaller group. Lyrics Zip MP3
Made In The USAThis song is a hard charging, flag waving pro-America number. Could be a rock, southern rock, or country tune. Lyrics Zip MP3
IreneA straight forward, commercial effort with a simple, standard 3 part harmony chorus. Really begs for a soaring male vocalist to round out the faded ending. What’s Steve Perry doing these days? Lyrics Zip MP3
You're Going HomeInspired by Marcus Luttrell's book, LONE SURVIVOR. Military personnel on the frontlines live with their experiences for life. These quiet heroes live among us, harboring memories many of us can't fathom. Lyrics Zip MP3
Life Is A One Night StandThis song is intended to be a motivational message for all of us to recognize we only live once. Someday, we'll all look back and perhaps wish we had spent our time and focused our efforts more wisely. Knowing that, live hard, play hard, work hard, and learn hard...now! Lyrics Zip MP3
Santa, When Are You Coming HomeThis song is a thinly cloaked 'double entendre', with the secondary message of course being a call for soldiers overseas to find their way home. Lyrics Zip MP3