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Rich Moncure at Henrico Theater

Hello and welcome to my website. The primary purpose of this site is to provide an easy method for song shoppers to preview and download my original material. My hope is to place this material with emerging new or experienced performing artists.

The tools on the ORIGINAL SONGS / DOWNLOADS page provide a brief explanation of the purpose of the song, and suggest potential audiences. In addition to the full length song being available for on-line listening or downloading, the lyrics are also enclosed in the ZIP folder as you download. For even quicker song review, you may also choose to simply preview the HOOK LINE or CHORUS only.

Most of the songs are written to a particular purpose. "Made in the USA", and "Soldier, You�re Goin' Home" are patriotic calling songs. "Irene" and "Pride" are straightforward rock offerings.

The recordings were created in my home studio, with the exception of a few recordings that were created elsewhere with KOS (www.kosband.com). It is important to recognize that the material has not been mastered, so the volume levels of the downloads will most likely be at a lower volume level than one may expect.

If you have interest in learning more about the music or have comments, please let me know. I am willing to alter lyrical / musical content (within reason) if there is interest.

Many thanks to so many people that have helped me through the years to include David Carriger, Doug Adams, Bruce Swartz and Pat Bragg.